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Hüftdysplasie-Tipps (Hip dysplasia tips)

My principal reason for publishing this webpage on the internet is because I have been suffering from dysplasia in both hips for several years. During this time I continually searched for a treatment that would remove the permanent pain and would allow me to return to a normal life, but unfortunately was unable to find any relevant information on the Internet. Then, by coincidence, I heard about a "triple osteotomy" being performed at a hospital in Dortmund, Germany. I pursued this further and in 1997 and again in 2001 I successfully underwent this procedure in Dortmund on my both hips. While going through the lengthy recovery period I had a lot of time.

time - to understand the medical condition I was suffering from in more detail
time - to improve my PC knowledge
time - to look up information on the Internet
time - to create this Homepage

My objective with these pages is to share my knowledge and experience with hip dysplasia with all who are suffering from the condition or who have an interest it. I do not have any medical education nor can I give any medical diagnosis. I only want to share information from patient to patient. This information and experiences were retrieved from various sources. Should these pages infringe on anybody's copyrights please send me an email, and I will remove them immediately. Feedback on experiences with hip dysplasia and its treatment from patients outside of Germany would be most welcome.

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Because the English version of this homepage is still under construction, all information and all current reports of patients that have undergone triple osteotomy surgery in German, Swiss and Italian hospitals are still only available in German, also the information about the hip dysplasia initiative. But if you like, you can tell your hip story and get answers to your questions about hip dysplasia on our forum for Hip Dysplasia in English.
Visit it: http://forum.hd-huefte.de

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updated: 01.10.2015